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If you ever get the chance to try an aerated shower, do – they really are good. I came across a replacement shower head on the Eco Camel ((part of Severn Trent)) website, so I ordered one at a cost of £26.99. The idea is that they add air to the water, giving a “fuller” feel to the shower. This means they can then reduce the flow, you use less water but don’t notice it. And, if using an electric shower, you don’t use so much electric – all in all a good environmental and budgetary advantage.

Unfortunately the Eco Camel shower head doesn’t work with my shower – technically, yes, but as it’s a straight head and my shower rail doesn’t point it down far enough, it sprays water across the room in a diagonal direction. I rang Eco Camel and they are happy for me to return it.

The Mira shower I fitted recently has an Eco setting on it but it’s certainly not as good as the Eco Camel version. Having said that, the Eco Camel head (apart from being too straight!) has no adjustable spray patterns and doesn’t have easy-to-clean nozzles. The Mira shower head can be bought separately. Eco Camel don’t seem to sell my shower head anymore but they do sell an alternative version. I’m going to stick with my Mira version.

Now, that’s the good bit over with. Now let’s talk a little more about Eco Camel – they have been very pleasant when I’ve spoken to them and answer their phones very quickly. Equally, they were very good at allowing me to return my shower head for a full refund. However, I ordered it on the 21st August and it didn’t arrive until the 9th October. After my initial order confirmation email I received NOT ONE phone call or email from them. After the first couple of weeks I contacted them and found that my card details had been entered wrong on the website, so it had been declined. I gave them again. Every so often I’d ring again and be told that they were awaiting stock and some was due in over the next few days. At no point did they attempt to contact me about my card or the order delays. Indeed, on the day it turned up I rang and chased them again before it had, no realising it had been sent.

It’s a shame, because everything else was excellent, and I didn’t mind the delays – just the lack of communication.

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  1. Ive tried the ecocamel and which is impressive to look at but I found it took an age to rinse my hair using it.It was very frustrating. I first thought it was just beacuse there was less water but then I tried another showerhead that uses less water again. It seems that adding of air by the Eco camel to the water makes the water poor at rinsing although youd swear you were getting plenty of water. It must be that blowing air onto my head negates the effect of the water, This other showerhead that I use isnt as impressive to look at the water, maybe because it isnt aerated but it rinsed very quickily. It doesnt look like a normal head with the little holes and I dont quite understand how the water comes out but I rate it much better than the eco camel if more expenisve. It is called the Nordic EcoShower.

  2. I bought an Ecocamel Shower head and was wholly unsatisfied with it. I agree with Joan it was simply terrible at washing and rinsing hair. Seeing as this is the principal reason I shower, as do most people I imagine, it negates having the shower head. I was not satisfied with the power of the shower either. I’ve opted for a Mira Eco Shower Head which has proven to be much better.

  3. We have certainly found a big improvement in the force of the shower with the Ecocamel Jetstorm showerhead and yes it is a much better showering experience. We had guests staying over the Christmas period too so were very pleased that they were able to use the Jetstorm and of course it is also saving us water and electricity. What more could we want?

    We have been most impressed with the service from Ecocamel which was extremely kind.


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