Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

No, sorry this isn’t going to a review of all the new snazzy gadgets and the such that IE8 may have. Let’s get to the crux straight away… I use Firefox. I use IE, however, to test my websites on to ensure compatibility.

I tried IE8 at an early beta and, well, I didn’t have it installed long. The BMTG website had hideous issues and Microsoft Money crashed every time I launched it. So after testing the meta tag that lets me run a site in compatibility mode, I removed it.

Now it’s reinstalled and I’m… well, happy. Ish. At the moment.

Money now works. My site isn’t as bad. I removed the compatibility flag on the test version of the site and the old issue of the menu dividing itself into 2 was no longer present. But an extra big space under the top menu was – this turned out to be because the menu was too wide for IE8. It works fine with IE7 and, indeed, every other browser. Anyway, shortening it by one pixel did the trick.

The big downer though was that the links on the top menu don’t work properly – the links only work when you point at the border undeneath the menu option – a whole one pixel thick line. No idea why and IE8 doesn’t have any way (that I can see) of reporting bugs back to Microsoft. So I’ve resorted to one of their forums – although even that directs people to report bugs on a Microsoft website which simply has lots of useless links but nothing, nothing, about actually reporting a bug. I thought the idea of Beta versions of products was to get the general public to test them for you and get reports back of issues? So what is it if you can’t do that? That sounds to me like a buggy and unfinished final release!

Anyway, it’s staying for the time being but I’m not going to make any site changes until the final version is released.

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