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Revolve Picture Frames
Revolve Picture Frames

On the run up to Christmas I was a bit stuck for a friend’s present. Thankfully an article in a PC magazine lead me the Revolve website. There they recycle everyday items into new, funky (and just a touchy geeky) products.

In this case I bought a photo frame made from an old circuit board.

Anyway, it was a week before Christmas and there wasn’t anything on their website about Christmas deliveries, so I called them. I was immediately answered (no menus to wade through or hold music) by a very polite lady who told me that it was already the last day I could order in time. However, she asked me what I was ordering so she could start wrapping it ready. I told her and then ordered from the website – the frame came just a few days later in plenty of time for Christmas.

The photo frame is excellent and at a really good price. They’re obviously a small outfit, but one that I think should get more attention.

I’m after a clipboard for that ultimate geek look…

[review]A brilliant idea – it looks great and it cleanly recycles old circuit boards. A definite gift for the geek in your life![/review]

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