Acer Aspire One

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Well, it’s been a few weeks since I bought the Acer, and I thought I’d update on how I’m getting along with it.

And, overall, I’d say pretty good and I definitely think I made the right choice.

The battery life is better than I was expecting, although the lack of power management software from Acer is disappointing. Also, the lack of restore disks from Acer is pretty poor (but apparently done to get costs down). The AA1 (as it’s called) does have a recovery partition – which I’ve already used, thanks to a bit of inappropriate panicking by me when I lost wireless connectivity the other week – but in the case of a major disk crash this would inevitably be lost.

The screen quality is superb, and you hardly notice the small Netbook-standard resolution. However, it is a glossy screen so picks up dust and smudges very easily. The keyboard is excellent for the size.

I regularly get people coming up and asking me about it when it’s in use, and I think that says it all!

What I have been able to do is compile some useful Netbook utilities, some AA1 specific, and others not, and I will be blogging about those later.

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