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Disk partitioning is, I have to say, not something I do. However, it’s useful, at the very least, to have access to software that will assist with this.

Symantic’s Partition Magic is probably the King of the partitioning software, but the new spritely Prince is EASEUS Partition Master. Whereas ‘Magic is $70, ‘Master is absolutely free for home use.

EASEUS Partition Master
EASEUS Partition Master

The download of Partition Magic is a little under 8MB and, once installed, takes around 33MB of disk space. It’s compatible with XP and Vista 32-bit. Once running it has an interface designed to look like a standard Windows system application, with the exception of oversized icons on the toolbar and strangely compressed menu options above.

If you’ve not used a partitioning tool before I’d recommend reading through the site and the applications help tool first, however, as it’s not obvious what to do – for once a Wizard would be welcome1.

But it does what it says, and has a few extras, such as partition copying.

The gripes… that awful font on the main window for a start. Bleurgh. Secondly, the help file is lacking – there’s plenty of pages, but for the beginner often its not explained that simple things that you wish to know (for example, what does it mean by partition copying?). But that’s probably about it.

[review]It’s free and it does its job. If I needed a partitioning tool, I’d certainly plump for EASEUS’ tool, rather than think about spending $70 with Symantic.[/review]

  1. some wizards are available but not for the basic task of creating or editing partitions []

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