Mobile Broadband for Free (well, almost)

Most networks are currently able to provide both contact and PAYG USB dongles that will provide your favourite laptop with 3G broadband access. However, 3 have a special offer right now that allows you to pick up a PAYG one for free – you just pay P&P fees of around a fiver.

You top up at least £10 a time (I believe that gives you 1GB of data to play with) and that will expire after a month. That’s not brilliant, but pretty consistent with other networks offers (except you’ll pay £35+ for their devices) and a review last year from PC Pro shows good speeds 1.

I’ve ordered one, and can imagine using it when out and about, and therefore topping up as-and-when required. Basically, an essential bit of kit to throw into a gadget bag.

As soon as I can, I’ll add a review to the site.

  1. although it may not be the same model of device[]

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