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So, a few days ago (Monday to be more precise), I contacted Seagate Customer Service to ask if there was anything I could do about replacing the hard drive in my Maxtor SSII NAS. Today, I received an answer…

Thank you for sending your Seagate E-mail inquiry.

The device what you have a linux software on the drive.So you can not replace the drive with a other drive it will not work.

Seagate have a new Network device Where you can replace the drive if it go bad. The device is Called BlackArmor NAS
hire is the link for the device

If you have any additional questions, let me know.

Actually, I do have a question. How can a customer service response, including trying to sell me a replacement, be so badly written? Seriously?

At least it makes my decision easier. ZyXEL here I come…

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