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After initially announcing the fact that I was purchasing a ZyXEL NAS, I received a message from ZyXEL via Twitter…

if we can be of any help please dm us direct.

Which, well, was a nice touch.

Anyway, I did need help as I’m unable to get iTunes to pick up the music from the NAS – it’s recognising the NSA210, but not listing any music for it. But rather than use Twitter, I used the website contact form.

That was a few days ago, so I decided to chase it up via a DM to ZyXELs Twitter account.

A few short hours later I’ve had the following response (via email)…

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I must apologise on behalf of ZyXEL that you have had to chase up for a response from the support team. I have chased through your support enquiry and you should have heard from someone in the team by now, if not you will shortly. I am personally seeing this through to ensure you now get a swift resolution.

If you have still not had a response on Monday then please do contact me and I will ensure you get a response ASAP.

And this was from their Marketing Manager. Sure enough, it was preceded by an email from customer service stating that they’d recreated my problem (why do I have suspicions that this is going to be an iTunes problem!) and was looking into it.

What more can I say? More companies could follow this excellent example.

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