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I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the memory card in my daughters mobile phone failing after 4 months (actually 3.5 months to be more precise).

Phones4u sent me a replacement card – a SanDisk equivalent, but a lowly type 2 instead of the Samsung type 6.

I also took the opportunity to write to Samsung to see if there’s anything they’d be willing to do about recovering the lost photos and videos on the card. I sent that letter on Friday so was pleasantly suprised to find a message on my answering machine yesterday from Samsung. It was a chap named Jim, who asked me to give Samsung a call on a specific number with a customer reference. Great.

So today I rang, quoting my reference. I didn’t get the gentleman’s name but he started off by saying that there was nothing that could be done about recovering the data. Odd, that many other companies can. He said that their memory cards are covered by 5 or 10 year guarantees and that I should ring a different number about this. So I dully rang this other number and got through to… Orange sales department? OK, the phone was from Orange but I’d never mentioned this at any point to Samsung.

I rang Samsung back and spoke to Karen. And after giving all my details again, she dropped a corker on me.

Apparantly, Samsung don’t make mobile phone memory cards. Wow. Just, wow. No, apparantly they make memory cards for cameras but not phones. Which is odd, because this is a MicroSD memory card, and not many cameras use those.

She doesn’t know why I was given the number for Orange and was generally unhelpful. When I mentioned Jims name from yesterday, she suggested he call me.

As soon as I hear from him, I’ll let you know. Needless to say, so far, Samsung customer service has been anything but.


Minutes after posting this, I had a call back – not from Jim, but Helen again.
My customer service query had ended up at the Mobile Phone customer service, and they don’t support memory cards. I was told that the number they’d quoted me earlier (the one that turned out to be Orange) they’d “got from a website”. As that was wrong they were escalating my case elsewhere (didn’t catch where to), but that a response would be 1-3 days away.

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  1. hi,have got samsung s3100 phone and cant see how you get it to display either sim or phone memory when in the contacts appears to me that you would have to delete one of the memories,which i dont want to do, have had samsung phones before and always been able to do this, somehing tells me that perhaps it was forgotten in the softare writing. can you please help, ive looked in every single menu kind regards..david

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