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After a recent catastrophic failure of my home PC (more of that in a future post) I ordered an eBuyer “value” hard drive docking station so that I could copy the files from my old hard drive to my new PC.

At just £14.99 it really is reasonably priced.

The box (which is very neatly made with a large black box inside the main one containing the cables) contains the dock itself, a USB cable, power connector and driver disk (for older versions of Windows).

Simple connect to the power and a USB port on your computer and drop your SATA hard drive (2.5″ or 3.5″) into the top and you have instant access. There’s two blue lights on the front – one for power and one to show drive access (it would be better if they were different colours to each other, though!), a large power button and, on the top, a lever to eject any disks.

I wouldn’t suggest this is the best way to set up an external hard drive for constant use as the drive is exposed – this is more for quick and occasional access of a drive.

I had problems accessing one of the folders on the drive with my new PC, but this turned out to be because of User Account Control in Windows 7 – this was switched off and I had immediate access again.

Anyway, it works and it’s well priced.

For a few pounds more they do an eSata version (although not the same brand and it’s unrated, so it’s a bit more of an “unknown quantity”) which would give you extra speed.

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