Welcome to my first “Quick Review”. As well as recently purchasing a new desktop PC for myself, I’ve also bought a Laptop for my daughter and have also been looking for various accessories to go with recently reviewed products. As a consequence, I’ve bought a lot of small accessories which I now want to review.

And, first up, is the TeckNet M002 wireless mouse, which I bought from Amazon
for just £9.98. I bought the black version, but the box indicates that other colours may be available.

It has a rubber section on top, where your palm and fingers will rest and the remainder is in shiny piano black. Size wise (94x61x37mm) , it sits between a mini laptop mouse and a full size desktop equivalent – this is the size that my daughter was looking for, and this is for new laptop.

Slotted into the bottom of the mouse is a nano receiver – a tiny USB RF receiver which, once plugged into your PC, hardly sticks out and allows the mouse to operate up to 10 metres away. The mouse itself will automatically power off and has an Intelligent Power Saving facility. It doesn’t come with batteries and takes 2 x AAAs.


It feels well built and works well. It has compatibility with Windows ME onwards and doesn’t require any drivers to be installed.

For the money, this is excellent value.

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