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Why I No Longer Watch "The Gadget Show"

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It used to be a great show, reviewing the best new gadgets on the market. Now it consists of 2 things – their competition (repeated ad nauseum) and a challenge (which involves gadgets but only a few and they don’t really get properly reviewed).

On last Mondays show (the first of a new series) they managed to squeeze in one of the most rubbish iPhone 4 reviews I’ve seen by comparing each of a number of features to another phone. So, for instance, for usability they compared it to the HTC Desire and it was entirely based on how quick they could send a message via Twitter. Nothing else. They also did a camera comparison – not using the same HTC, but by now switching to a different phone. A phone with a rubbish camera.

But, back to the main point – that was pretty much the entirety of the episode. Even the challenge this week wasn’t about consumer tech, but more about what advertisers use. Nice to know, but spun out for most of the hour?

Sadly, it’s how most episodes now go so, after giving it a bit longer to maybe improve, I’ve decided to stop watching. One viewer down.

What is sadder though is that considering what a gadget and computer nation we are, we have nothing decent on TV. The nearest is Click on the BBC, but that’s relegated to a short show each week hidden away on BBC News channel. Am I the only one wanting a decent hourly weekly show on a mainstream channel?

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  1. Yep,, you summed up my thoughts exactly.This show really has lost the plot. I used to love it but it has slowly got very gimicky and now they dont even review anything. I started to just fast forward on my Sky+ but I have now just taken it off the planner all together. Pity.

  2. I started watching again, but PVR’s and then sped through. I’ve got it down to 10-15 minutes most episodes (ironically the length of time they take to bang on about their competition each week). Normally I just watch the Jon Bentley review and the Top 5 features – however, even that is becoming rarer.

  3. +1
    The presenters,irritating to say the least,so far up there own,me and my family dont watch anymore either,the early shows were bearable just!
    get different presenters,i might watch again.

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