My Acer Aspire One is a couple of years old  now and has been, by a rough calculation, has been used on at least 540 of those days. The humble 3 cell 2200 mAh battery that comes with it has now begun to near the end of its useful life.

Rather than lasting say, 2 to 2.5 hours, its now struggling 1 hour 15 minutes. BatteryBar is showing that 40% of the battery capacity has lost and, when charging, the red light stays on until its completely charged. It’s not good.

So I decided to order a new one. And, let’s be honest, laptop batteries aren’t the cheapest – I found that even similar 2200 mAh batteries are a lot, and bigger capacities aren’t a huge amount more.

I found eBay to be the best source, and most come with decent warranties on them. In the end I decided to go for something ridiculous – a 7800 mAh 9 cell replacement, which I managed to pick up for just £29 (including postage) from a seller named smart_battery.

And… it’s HUGE. Really big (which I should have expected really). Indeed, it has to come with its own rubber feet as the back ones on the AA1 won’t touch the ground again! However, it does tilt the keyboard to a really nice typing angle. And it makes a handy carry handle 😉

I did wonder if a third party battery would fit with regard to the plastics and colours used on the original netbook, but I need not have – they match perfectly.

But – and this is the important bit – take a look at the first image in the gallery below. It shows my battery life. No, that’s not a mistake – 8 hours 33 minutes. And that’s not fully charged – it was showing about 8 hours 45 minutes then. Incredible.

BatteryBar does modify this over time to show “real usage”, so I suspect this will go down. Never-the-less, Windows is showing a life of over 7 hours, so I suspect the end result will still be mightily impressive.

[review]An impressive third party battery that packs a real punch – over 8 hours use. And its price is modest too! It only looses one mark for the size.[/review]


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  1. Okay, thanks! I need a new one for my Asus 1005HA and was wondering why the 7800mA unit looked so FAT, turns out the casing is extended downwards to the desktop to accommodate larger cells! Couldn’t understand what they were selling me until I read your article, so thanks much!

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