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There are quite a few sites around that offer money off vouchers and coupons for online retailers. Quidco, however, not only does that but, if you visit the retailer via them, you can earn money back as well. Indeed, it’s this last operation that Quidco was originally set up to provide – vouchers and coupons is only a recent addition.

Simply sign up – it’s incredibly easy to do – and then search for an online retailer. Click on the link and you’re taken to the relevant website. Buy your item and you’ll find Quidco “tracks” a certain amount of cashback – this is listed on the site under your profile details, where you can also see payments (which occur regularly direct to your bank account).  The amount of cashback is dependant on retailer and is listed along with the retailers link.

I regularly use it, for instance, when buying from Play.com. The one notable omission is the lack of Amazon for cashback.

Never-the-less, I’ve recently got £40 back from a £200 home insurance and my wife last night bought a new phone on contract and received an extra (on top of cash back from the retailer) £40. It’s free money, basically.

If you use Firefox, Chrome or IE 7 or 8 you can even add Quidco as a search engine – making the whole process even less hassle.

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