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The site has been down this morning. For the first time (that I’m aware), I hit my bandwidth limit with Memset – thankfully, the limit resets tomorrow.

For testing reasons I have had website compression turned off for a while which hasn’t helped, and the new site design that I’m working on will help with a smaller footprint. None-the-less, as this site gets more interest, that bandwidth is going to be an issue.

So I emailed Memset and they got back to me within 22 minutes (impressive!). The problem, as I’ve mentioned before, is that I’m on a hosting package that they no longer provide and the most basic now available is aimed firmly at businesses. Although not too expensive at first sight, extras such as cPanel and phpMyAdmin are extra and bump up the price beyond my range.

But, you know, I don’t want to go elsewhere. Memset has been excellent to me.

Thankfully Nathan at Memset had a solution – moving up to another (erm, I assuming, still on their records but not officially available) package, the same as mine but with greater disk storage and double the bandwidth. Within an hour of spotting the problem, the site was back! I didn’t even have to pay anything up front – as I’d recently paid for 2 years of hosting up-front, he simply took it off that money and brought my renewal date forward.

Hats off to Memset!

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