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A while ago I reviewed a pair of Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones. The review conclusion was that they were, shall we say, average. I found them uncomfortable and, at £119 (best price), expensive.

Today, I have Creative’s equivalent – the Creative WP-300. Again, these are “on ear” headphones boasting apt-X enhanced Bluetooth technology. This time, however, they have an RRP of £79.99 but can be found from as little as £66.34 (inc P&P) from Amazon – not far off half the price of the Sennheisers.

Once more Creative have boxed these nicely – the front cover opens up to reveal the headphones shown through a transparent panel. Under the headphones are a velvety draw-string storage bag, USB charging cable and a few leaflets, including a small manual.

The headphones are nicely padded – both on the headband and the actual earcups too. The remainder is rubber coated. Unless their Sennheiser equivalents, these don’t fold down to a small size, but you can rotate the earcups arounds to make them flatter for when packing away. On the left cup is a charging light and a micro USB charging port. On the right cup is a status light along with 4 flush control buttons – track next and prev, play/pause and power.  On the underside of the cup is two protruding rubber volume buttons.

There are rings of chrome on both the headband and on the earcups themselves – overall the headphones are nice to the touch and look very stylish.

In use, on my giant head, they just about fitted. The fact that the earcups rotate helps because I was able to put the band further forward on my head to give extra length to the band, and rotate the cups to still sit flat on my ears. It would be nicer is manufacturers made headphones more suitable for large headed people such as me!

As I mentioned before, the WP-300 boast the apt-X codec for improved Bluetooth audio. To benefit from this you will need to use a matching apt-X transmitter. If you don’t have anything already then Creative sell a number of plugin options for USB and iPods

Unlike the Sennheisers there is not a wired option if you’re unable to use Bluetooth – these can only be used wirelessly – and the battery cannot be removed.

Pairing is easy and quick and they have a 10 metre range. The battery should last up to 8 hours in use and then take an hour to recharge via USB.

In use they sound excellent (even more so with the apt-X option in use) and the controls are easy to use. Whether spoken audio, film soundtracks or some pounding music, they offer a good range with no interference and hiss.

[review]Nearly half the price of the Sennheiser equivalents with little lacking in comparison. Comfortable, good looking and with an excellent sound, these are THE Bluetooth headphones to have. Pair them with the Creative ZiiO for apt-X pairing and you get an unbeatable combination.[/review]


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  1. So they look great, and they apparently sound great.. but will they work with my htc desire, or will I need a newer phone?
    I’d be very happy to be free of that pesky wire while I’m on the threadmill.

    1. They certainly will. They work with my older HTC Hero without a problem. The Android phones lack a lot of Bluetooth functionality, but audio is one thing they will do. However, you won’t benefit from the apt-X Bluetooth improvements as the phone doesn’t support it.

  2. I bought this headphone for @80 at costco online and they work perfectly with my computer and my IPOD Touch 4G. Just turn the headphone on – blue light flashing – pair it with your computer/ IPOD – a breeze. The sound is escelent with lot of bass. Very good buy at reasonable price. Happy campeur.

  3. Hello, I have a problem with these headphones are turned on, the blue lights and do not go off and do not pair the same time, you know what?

  4. Just purchased this bluetooth wireless headphone yesterday. I am lucky that the store assistant let me try out the sample product with my iPad2. It works flawlessly, even the next and previous song button work just fine. I love the balance sound, bass is there and just right for jazz tunes. It’s worth the price (approx US 105.00 in my country) compared to almost 3 times more expensive of the similar Sennheiser bluetooth wireless (at US 330.00).

  5. Hi Guys, this might be a silly question, but can these headphone be connected to a non-blue tooth device, like your traditonal hifi?

  6. Do these headphones pair up with the cheap 3.5mm bluetooth transmitters that you can find on Ebay? I would love to plug the transmitter into the TV and then use these headphones to listen to it, but will they pair? Thanks!

    1. Assuming they transmit the Bluetooth then there shouldn’t be an issue. Of course, they’re not apt-X compatible so you’ll loose some of the advantage of the headphone no-matter. I’ve successfully paired them with my phone, Sennheiser transmitter and even a Bluetooth USB dongle that I bought from a pound shop 😉

  7. There’s a problem with the connection with my iPad. As soon as I connect the headset to my iPad, all internet activity (wifi) is gone. For example: listening to Youtube is out of the question.

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