Now I have a splendid pair of Bluetooth headphones I’d ideally like more ways to use them, in particular listening to the TV or the hi-fi wirelessly. Step forward Sennheiser’s BTD 300 Audio – a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into a standard headphone socket! They also have apt-X built in, which means they make a great pairing with my Creative headphones.

Costing £59.99 (that’s the RRP – you can get them for £41.47 1 from Amazon) they are a little steep but are probably one of the best (and the few) solutions available. Coming in a small box you get the device (with captive audio cable), a USB charging cable (USB one end, micro USB the other) and a thick manual.

The whole unit is sealed so the battery and captive cable are not replaceable. At 10cm long that audio cable may be a little short in some situations and it’s quite a thin cable as well – it could be easily broken and, being captive, it’s not replaceable. Thankfully the product has a 2 year guarantee.

Like the Sennheiser headphones I’ve reviewed the manual is a bit rubbish. It’s thick, but that’s due to the large number of language translations. Each language gets just a few pages and most of them consist of poor illustrations.

On the device itself there is a simple button and light. The button is used for powering on and off and pairing. The unit is very light at just 17 grams.

Pairing with my Creative headphones was easy and the sound quality excellent. The battery should last up to 14 hours (and takes about 3 hours to full recharge) before needing a charge and the Bluetooth range is up to 10 metres.

One thing I’d like to ask Sennheiser, what does this mean…

Optimal performance with Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones

It sounds as if you’ll get a better result using their own headphones but I’m not sure how. Personally, I suspect this is just marketing BS.

[review]Excellent quality – both physically and aurally, but it looses vital marks for its high price and it’s poor instructions.[/review]

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