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So went my favourite Tweet today.

Playstation Network has gone down… again. No warnings and, worryingly, Sony are saying it’s due to “unscheduled maintenance” – the same thing they said after being recently hacked.

It went down early afternoon GMT and there are now reports of it being restored – a number of hours ago in the US. Many are hopefully suggesting this might indicate the Playstation store is to return, but I doubt.

However, the big problem – again – has been Sony. No reporting of the issue (their blog and Twitter feed is quiet) and, indeed, the UK PlayStation Network website has, throughout the entire afternoon, shown the network to be “online” – that is, until you try and log in.

Although Sony themselves are saying nothing via Twitter, plenty of people have something to say to Sony in return – sadly, most of which won’t be suitable for this site. Needless to say, people are not happy, with many talking about switching to Xbox. After everything that’s recently happened, you’d really think Sony would be pulling out every stop available to them at every turn. Instead we have another missed opportunity – PSN goes down again, with no support from Sony. Poor.

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