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Last week I made mention of this game which had just turned up in the PlayStation Store. Now I’ve had a chance to play it.

Before I start, he’s a quick recap of the storyline behind it…

There has been a fatal accident in the Large Hadron Collider that plunged the nearby city into chaos, filling it with anomalies and turning the residents into zombies. The restricted zone became a Mecca for marauders and criminals who hunted for artifacts and thrills of dead city street racing. Outrageous speed, rivers of blood, brutal cars, equipped with instruments of destruction: spikes, saws and blades, and don’t forget the boosters. Hundreds of hungry zombies roam the streets, jumping on cars and trying to get to the drivers. To survive there and return to tell the tale is a real challenge.

So, basically, drive around, destroying others car and zombies. If you’ve ever played Carmageddon in the past you’ll know the score. It’s a real “blood fest” and has an 18+ certificate to go with it – zombies can be killed in all sorts of ways, including run over, sliced by knives that come out of your car or simply ground up in rollers mounted in front of the bonnet. Blood is splattered everywhere, including over the screen. Zombies can also jump onto your car and attempt to trash it – a hard handbrake turn or smashing it into a wall normally sorts it though 😉

There are loads of different types of missions and, as with all the best games, it’s “sandbox” style, allowing you to just freely roam around the levels doing whatever you wish – you can take part in a mission or just have fun. You can pick up various extras, including repairs and cash, the latter of which you can spend on improving your car – and there are some really interesting options! You have a boost for extra speed, handbrake turning, the lot.

The sound and graphics are superb. The controls are (I don’t know whether intentionally) pretty much a match for Burnout, so you’ll know just what to press. The cars are a bit more “skitish” than in Burnout though, almost as if you’re permanently driving on ice. However, this can be great fun sliding sideways towards a group of approaching zombies. What I haven’t yet tried is my Logitech GT wheel – I’ll report back once I have!

There isn’t an online play facility (not surprisingly considering that they’ve had to have their own server for this) but you can play it in split-screen 2 player mode (not enough games offer offline 2 player modes these days!).

[review]Cracking graphics and gameplay and gore by the bucket – what’s not to love? The best bit about the game, though, is the price – £7.99. Download it from the PlayStation store NOW![/review]

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Official Armageddon Riders website


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