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I’ve spoken about Quidco numerous times in the past and how you can earn easy cashback with their service.

Well, now they’re working on an Android app to go with their iPhone version. As well as providing you with in-store offers (including vouchers that they can give you over the phone) there are also some check-in offers, where you simply get paid for visiting a shop.

A beta version is available to some users and, apart from the fact that it looks a bit too much like an iPhone app, it works really well. There are numerous ways of serchi – a manual search, show on map, a list (and the list can be alphabetic or based on shops nearest). You can also access your Quidco account.

Check out some of the screenshots below for further information.

If you’re interested in trying it yourself visit their Facebook page for more details. If you’re not a member already click here to sign up and earn yourself an extra £1.25!

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