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An official product, this goes by a number of names ((I’d clarify the exact name if I could find an official Samsung page that mentions it, but I can’t – that’s often the case with Samsung accessories. Their site seems to think that Bluetooth headsets are the only mobile phone accessory that they sell.)) – combinations of the words mesh, case, black and cool usually.

A rigid (but not too much), rubberised case for the Galaxy S2 it clips on the side of the phone providing side and back protection. Cut-outs for essential sections of phone (headphone socket, side buttons, speaker, etc) are accurately cut – especially for the camera on the back. The whole of the rear of the case has a mesh of holes. This allows the heat from the back of the phone to escape whilst preventing the back from getting too hot (it’s cooler to the touch than the back is without the case). The colour is more a dark graphite grey than black.

I have one on my phone and it’s the first case I’ve owned for a phone that I’ve been happy with – it’s extremely slim and light so doesn’t make the phone look big and ugly (as so many others have).

You can purchase them from Amazon for £7.99.

Look out for cheaper alternatives – they usually don’t have Samsung badge on the back or, if they do, they don’t have the “proper” logo. In the gallery below is a close-up of the badge – check this is correct before purchasing!

I mentioned above that there were cheaper versions of this case available. After a year of the Samsung version, after much dropping and scraping of the phone (all without any damage to the phone itself) the case was in need of a replacement – I thought I’d try one of the cheaper, non-branded versions.

It cost a whole £1.10 (inc P&P) from eBay and, at first site appears extremely similar – the same mesh case, with a rubberised coating. However, the finish is not as good – there are sharp edges and visible moulding lines – and it just simply doesn’t fit as well.

I’ve only had the cheap eBay version for a few months and it’s now in the bin and I’ve bought the official Samsung version again. Yes, it’s more expensive but in this case you certainly get what you pay for. The cheap version didn’t fit as well and rather than being genuinely flexible was actually made of hard, white plastic covered in a black rubberised coating. Eventually a bit snapped off (unsurprisingly, because of the lack of flexibility in the case, and this wasn’t due to a drop either).

Whether it’s worth paying over 7 times more for is your own choice.



It doesn’t add much weight to the phone, adds some extra grip and, most importantly, protects the phone. I’d combine it with a screen protector thought for total protection. At £8 it costs more than cheaper alternatives on eBay, but I think it’s worth it.

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