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Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, I wanted to get myself a desktop dock for it.

The dock for my HTC Hero was the official HTC one – a shiny piano black horizontal slab with the phone sitting solidly in the middle. Underneath was power, USB and audio out connections. It was simply but has drawn many admiring enquiries due to its superb looks.

Samsung have their own dock for the S2 but, unfortunately, it’s rather pricey at £30 – £40. Instead I decided to go for one of the many cheaper alternatives on eBay. I say “many” not because there are different types, but simply because so many sell the same type (pictured). There is a 2nd type available, but this simply holds the phone vertically whilst a spare battery is charged behind it.

At between £10 – £12, I wasn’t expecting anything too much but, as the same time, for that money wouldn’t expect a simple stand with a USB cable attached.

However, that’s just what I got. The “metal look” surround is a bronze-ish piece of painted plastic. It comes with a captured USB cable that you can connect to your PC for charging or syncing. When connected up to a USB source a blue light is evident on the top- there’s no way of switching this off. There’s also a USB connector on the back, the same as the one on the S2 – not sure what this is for, unless it’s so you can connect other accessories at the same time.

You put the S2 down onto the male USB connector and it connects you. And that’s it. The S2 wobbles a bit when in position (a couple of rubber pads inside the mounting area would have helped here) and it’s just generally deeply, deeply underwhelming. And to top it off,even the thinnest of cases prevents it from being docked without having to remove the case first. I guess it does what it says – just. For the money I’d expect more – a good solid seat for the S2 and a power cable (not just the USB connector) at least.

I put mine straight back on eBay – it sold within hours but I made a loss. Oh well, I can just remember, wistfully, my excellent HTC dock.

[review]It works but it’s totally without the frills. The phone wobbles in place and you don’t get a mains charger. There are better for the money[/review]
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