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Anyone over a certain age will remember Bush – founded in 1932 as Bush Radio, and manufacturer of many of the most classic radios of the past, they branched into all sorts of home electronics. These days they are more known as budget brand and in 2008 they were bought by Home Retail Group, the owners of Argos.

Although Argos now sell a LOT of Bush products, they are still available elsewhere.

I have a retro remake of a classic Bush radio as well as a more modern DAB radio. However, I’ve recently found a problem with the latter – the display, although lit, will not show anything. I’ve read the manual and it makes no mention of why this might happen. Although the radio is a good few years old (and well out of warranty) I’m loath to get rid of what is otherwise a perfectly good radio (and was quite expensive when I bought it). Maybe it’s a simple button press that will restore the screen?

Unfortunately, probably because of the buy-out by Home Retail Group none of Bush’s contact details (including website) work. So, I contacted Home Retail Group. They gave me the number of  their customer services, but they told me I needed to speak to Argos customer services. Speaking to them, I came across the following problems…

  1. Unless it’s an Argos product (this may be, may not be) they’re not interested
  2. They don’t support radios, even if it was bought from them
  3. They don’t appear to realise that Bush is their own exclusive brand

As a result I got no-where.

Now, bearing in mind that Bush still sell radios, this begs the question as to where you get technical support? I certainly don’t know.

I contacted Home Retail Group about this last week but have yet to receive a reply.

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  1. I recently placed an order with Argos for two BUSH products. An under counter Freezer and a 5.1 DVD Home Theatre kit. On delivery I found the door of the Freezer badly damaged, so I phoned Argos who put me through to a woman from BUSH called Sarah. I explained I worked nights and live alone, so would it be possible to arrange the engineer visit of an afternoon. She quite rudely stated that “You cannot tell me when you’re going to have a visit. It’s 7-10 days period” I then phoned Argos and complained about her and her attitude. I then arranged for a replacement to be sent 2 days after.

    The Home Theatre kit came later then the Freezer by a few hours, and after just 10 days. The DVD player packed up and stopped working. I then phoned Argos to complain and arrange a replacement. Stating the problems I had with the Freezer and the attitude of BUSH. A replacement was sent and upon opening the new kit, I found the Sub-Woofer was broken. Again I phoned Argos and complained and stated I was intending to get my money back for the Home Theatre kit.

    I then asked the young lady at Argos, if these BUSH products are faulty and do they get many complaints or returns of the broken items. No answer was given, but she said to take up a complaint with BUSH direct, after half an hour on hold trying to reach BUSH I gave up.

  2. I have the same problem with a Bush 10 Inch Portable Blu-ray Player purchased from Argos at Christmas and still been sold every after Argos knew it had software problems and they can not support the item as they admite that they no longer deal with the subcontractor in China that makes the product so can not help. They answer is we still sell it and if you have a problem bring it back under warranty for refund. What poor service.

    1. Mark,
      Could I ask what particular product this was? I have tried two 3D players from Argos, a Hitachi and a Bush, both would not play 3D on my Bush television. I have watched 3D on the television via BT Vision without any problems.
      As the menus on the 2 players are identical, I suspect these products have the same chassis and are just re-badged as to manufacturer.
      I found Argos Technical support useless, just send back one or other of the products until it works. If there are software issues, it appears that this will not resolve them.
      Both were sold at reasonable prices, yet both the TV and DVD are now not available, so I’ll end up paying much more that I want to. From your comments I get the impression they are unloading these products knowing there are issues with them.


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