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The ZiiSound DSx is a complimentary wireless sub-woofer for the excellent D5x speakers.

With a width and height of 22cm, a depth of 29cm and a weight of over 4.6 kg it’s not overly huge but, at the same time, will certainly remain noticeable.

In matt black with cloth speaker covers it’s understated. There are 2 circular cloths on the sides – these are the “pressure drivers” – and one square cloth covering the whole of the front (the “master driver”). There are few connections and controls on the back – a power connector (the power supply is inline), bass level control knob and a link button. The latter is for linking the DSx to other speakers (with up to 30 metres of range) and working wonderfully easily. Behind the main front cloth is a white LED that shows pairing and power status.

The DSx will power down automatically (there isn’t a power button) when the master speaker looses connection or is switched off. This means you can place it in the corner of a room and forget about it.

I had this connected to my D5x and it sounded amazing – the bass (which I only had at the default half-way setting) was superb and really added to the already excellent sound from the D5x’s. To achieve this Creative have introduced a technology that they call SLAM™…

Featuring Creative SLAM™ (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) technology, the compact subwoofer delivers a thunderous output. This portless design is extensively tuned and utilizes a master driver and dual pressure drivers housed in a highly compact inert enclosure. The end result? Quick transient response of a small driver together and high-output capability and deep bass extension of larger drivers.

As always with Creative the packaging is excellent with a thick paper manual accompanying it.

[review]Just when I thought the ZiiSound D5x speakers couldn’t sound any better, they introduce the DSx subwoofer. Wireless, attractive and compact they are a brilliant accompaniment.[/review]

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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