ReTrak, popular in the US, are now selling their range of products in the UK at retailers such as PC World, Dixons and Amazon.

You may have come across retractable cables before – often found on portable mice for laptops, they wind excess cable into real which is suspended half way along the cable length. What ReTrak have done is improved upon this, added other new technologies and then created a huge range of products. Basically, what you get are a range of electrical accessories that take up as little space as possible.

Their range includes computer, visual and audio cables along with power supplies, headphones, iPhone and eBook products, mice and even a retractable mouse mat with built-in USB hub!

The first product I’ve looked at is one of the simpler ones. The Car Stereo Audio Cable is 1.5m length of cable with 3.5mm headphones jacks at either end. The plugs themselves are gold plated.

You reel out the length of cable that you require by pulling both ends. To wind it back in you simply give both ends a light tug before releasing.

I have an audio socket in my car but its a good metre away from where my audio player of choice, my phone, sits. Up until now I’ve had a simple cable draped between the 2 points, which I’ve left in place. More than once I’ve got myself caught up in the cable, or the cable has dropped out of the way. With this ReTrak solution, I can simple reel the cable back and put it away once I’ve finished.

The only issue I have with it is the reel in the middle which, unlike a standard cable, adds a weight when suspended. However, I’m able to simply hook that over something on the dash.

With a 3 year warranty, the £9.99 asking price is certainly not unattractive and is certainly something I’d recommend.


[review]A good solution to untidy cables and at a good price. With a 3 year warranty on top, it’s hard not to recommend this.[/review]

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