Zenis DNA Dock for Samsung Galaxy S2

After the horror of the last dock that I bought for my Samsung I was reluctant to try another. However, after seeing a Zenis on a colleagues desk I was suitably impressed. So impressed that I bought 2 (one for home, one for work).

Available in either glossy black or white, this is a simple but well built desk dock. The only connector is a Micro USB port and there are 4 soft feet on the underside giving it a really good stability.

It also, and this is crucial, comes with a grey rubber insert that goes into the slot where the phone docks. Normally this would be needed. However, if you have a case on your phone remove this insert and you’ll find it fits without the need to take your case off. It’s not spectacularly snug like this (it wobbles a bit, but that may be due to the slim case I’m using) but it’s good enough.

The case comes in a clear plastic case with non-English details on it (not that you need any).

I got mine for about £8.50 from eBay 1. Despatched from Korea, I still received it within a matter of days.

[review]Good quality, a reasonable price and works even if you’re using a case – the only case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 that I’d recommend[/review]

  1. Note: It doesn’t come with a USB cable[]

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  1. When you plug in your phone to the dock, does it activate the phone’s dock application?


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