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This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge - can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop?

Next up in my quest to find excellent tech for one British pound is the bluefox laptop stand. Available from 99p Stores this is a grey, telescopic plastic stand that sits underneath your laptop, leaning it forward for a better typing position.

Once opened up, it splays in an “X” shape – the rear two legs fit (rubber tipped top and bottom) sit under the rear of your laptop. The front legs go up at the front to snugly hold onto the front of the laptop (otherwise your laptop would unceremoniously slide off each time).

Does it work? Yes – it raises your laptop up by about 3cm at the back, if your laptop is big enough and the underside is flat enough. My wife’s netbook is too small. My Lenovo Edge 11 is just about big enough BUT the underside narrows at the front – this means those upturned front legs have nothing to grip onto. They are about 15mm tall, so if you hold a ruler under your laptop from back to front, you will need the front edge to be no further than 15mm away from the ruler (I hope that makes sense).

I also tried it with a 15″ Lenovo ThinkPad and it worked just fine – certainly a 15″ or bigger laptop should have no problems. 20cm is,  by my reckoning, the minimum depth that you need.

When you’re finished with it the rear legs slide down and the front legs swing round to tuck under them, leaving you with a package just a few inches long.

It’s made by bluefox.

[review]If you think you have a pressing need to raise the rear of your laptop up for better typing then this works (assuming your laptop is big enough and the underside is suitable). And at less than a pound, it’s another great bargain.[/review]
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