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The origin of the USB Card Reader & Writer is a bit of a strange one. Labelled with a “link-it” logo it suggests a company by that name but the PO Box on the packaging is simple directed to a company named “USB Card Reader & Writer”. I’m guessing, therefore, that “link-it” is a red herring and this is the only product in their range. Which, as you’ll learn, is a shame.

I bought the product for 99p from 99p Stores. It comes in clear plastic packaging that, thankfully, doesn’t require scissors to get into it. Inside there is nothing more than the USB device and a piece of card with the product details on. No instructions are supplied but, then, what do you need?

This is an SD card reader which plugs into a spare USB port. There is a cap on both ends – one covers the USB socket and the other the SD card socket. Mine was in clear, transparent plastic, but other colours were available. The whole thing is put together very well and the caps fit on the ends nicely (they often quickly become lose with use, but that hasn’t happened for me).

There is an orange/red light on top which indicates use – I found this quite bright and irritating and would have preferred something more subdued.

Speed wise, SD card read and write speed was on a par with the SD card reader built into my Lenovo laptop. I was using an old 2GB SD card for testing which possibly isn’t the quickest and this shows when then compared against the speed of a dedicated USB memory stick – this was twice as quick for both reading and writing.

If you need a cheap SD card reader, this is ideal. However, where it really comes into its own is as a cheap way to re-use old SD cards. The cap on the card end means that you can insert an old SD card, replace the cap and then use it like a USB memory stick.

[review]It’s well built, reads SD cards well and is 99p. An absolute bargain![/review]
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  • P M

    1st February 2014

    October 2013 – “Link It” Telephone Extension leads – 99p Store
    Bought two of these – they do not work!
    Do not get any ring-tone & broadband does not work!
    Complete waste of time.
    Cannot take them back for refund either since they have a return within 30 days policy and simply refuse to do anything if 30 days exceeded.
    Do not have 99p shop in my town and rarely go to where there is one, so that’s that.


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