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I recently purchased a Samsung fridge freezer from Appliances Online – a company I’d not used before. Their prices were cheap and they offered good extra services (recycling, installation, specific slots for delivery, etc).

I was delighted therefore to receive a phone call from them beforehand to discuss the delivery and make sure I was happy with the service. They even chatted about the particular product that I’d bought. All of this was then spoilt by them attempting to sell me an extended warranty – it was as if the entire call and general niceties were simply building up to this. A friend of mine also bought from this company and had the same call – however, he got a much harder sell and it left him regretting purchasing from them.

In my case, though, it has a happier outcome. When the fridge freezer arrived a part was broken. I rang Appliances Online and they were very apologetic, transferring me to Samsung to arrange for the part to be swapped out. They then continued calling me at regular intervals to check if the part had arrived and my problem was resolved – this service more than made up for the warranty sell at the beginning.

Samsung, however, should hang their head in shame. After very precise instructions on what part was broken they sent the wrong out as a replacement. After then speaking to them again they, once more, sent the wrong part. Each time it took weeks between talking to them and the eventual delivery of the incorrect part. It was only after the third call to Samsung that they managed to ship the correct item to me – now, many weeks after my initial delivery.

The first couple of times I spoke to them I did so via Appliances Online. The third call, however, I made directly. Not that it was easy – they make it very difficult to find an appropriate number for their customer services. When I finally did get the right part it was Appliances Online who rang to check it was okay – I never heard from Samsung.

Samsung has a reputation for poor customer service and this certainly didn’t do them any favours.

So, hats off to Appliances Online. They’d retain custom more however if they cut out that warranty call, no matter how much money they may make from it.

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  1. I recently had a phone call asking me to take out D&G insurance on my appliances, I said I didn’t require any ! A couple of months later my husband answered the phone to Aol sales person trying to get him to take out insurance again , my husband said we didn’t want it!
    Weeks later, yesterday we received a letter saying bank payments would be made as from Aug 8TH, £4.99 and £6.99 to Domestic and General cover for Dish washer, fridge freezer. How dare AOL give my bank details to another company???

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