Zopeo is a new website that bills itself as a “global whitepages”. Companies should always be careful of using words that might be country specific and Zopeo has fallen into this trap – “whitepages” means nothing in the UK, and I’m sure isn’t the only country that they’re targeting that would be the same 1.

You enter a name and region and it will show you everything that it can find on a particular person. Naturally I tested it with my own name and a region of “UK” – and, I have to say, there’s plenty of content on the web about me so this should be easy


The results are split into a number of section. At the top if a collection of profile images it found – as it only found 3 it just repeats these 3 a number of times.

Under that are the details of each social profile it found – in my case LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook. It then repeats the same 3 social profiles again. I am on, a LOT of social sites where my profile is accessible – for whatever reason this has failed to find the vast majority.

Next up are images, the overwhelming majority are nothing to do with me.

Next, videos. One YouTube video is shown and it’s for Caroline Artiss, a chef.

Lastly, a long list of news items. In all cases they refer to “Artists”.

I did much the same search for other people and found the results scant. Certainly, a simple Google search seemed to return better results.

Zopeo is, unsurprisingly, based in the US and I’m guessing it has a bias towards looking for information from that country. The site indicates they can look for “aliases / maiden names, relatives, current and past roommates, property ownership, nationwide criminal records, bankruptcies, tax liens, civil judgments, assets, website ownership, and a lot more.” Sadly, I saw little of this. If they are going to call themselves “global” they need to make sure their reach is further than their own country.

So, is this a global “whitepages”? No. In fact it needs a lot more work before it even begins to be useful.

Zopeo has had an update since my original review – new information and a new look. Sadly, it’s still rather lacking.

I tried looking for someone I know has a web presence, as well as a presence of social networks. It found the latter- simply listing her websites – but completely missed all her Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

What prompted both this update and the original review was an anonymous (certainly the email is and, I suspect, the person’s name too) email telling me about a “cool app” 2 that I need to review. I hate being approached in this way – I’d rather a site do it openly. Having said that, I still wouldn’t have reviewed it any more positively 😉

  1. UK translation – “Telephone Directory”[]
  2. it’s not an app[]

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