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Retractable USB iphone & ipod Cable

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This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge - can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop?

This unbranded (other than the ITP Imports name in small print on the back – this appears to be a range exclusive to PoundWorld) retractable has been designed to connect your iPhone or iPod to your PC. It has a 75cm cable which winds onto a reel, in a similar way to the reTrak products. The difference here, initially, is the price – retract equivalents are ten times the price at least. In fact on inspection the reel mechanism seems very similar to the reTrak version so I had high hopes of a product well worth the pound.

The cable reeled in and out without a problem even after repeated use. The mechanism felt a bit rougher to me than the reTrak, but my daughter felt this was easier to use.

The plastic connectors on either end let it down though – they appear to made of very cheap white plastic which you feel wouldn’t last very long. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the biggest problem. After some initial problems getting the iPod connector to fit into my daughter’s iPod Touch we got it to connect to the computer. That was the first and last time it did – after that nothing happened. It would appear that it simple failed after one successful use.

This came from PoundWorld but an equivalent Signalex branded version can be bought at Poundland.

[review]For a pound the reeling mechanism works well but the connectors on the ends are so cheap that failure is always imminent. Save the pounds and get a quality version with a guarantee![/review]
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  1. I bought this a few weeks ago in November, (it is now 29th December 2013). The retraction is great, and the charging extremely fast, better than the mobile phone cable I used before, for charging my Kindle Fire HD. Sadly today when I went to use it, the micro usb felt a bit loose and will no longer charge. Even for a pound item I would have hoped it lasted a few months at least. But then I charge my Kindle most days so it has had good use I suppose for a pound item. I may well buy another the same.

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