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This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge – can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop?

There are a number of card readers on the market, but this one I particularly like. It’s only compatible with 4 card types but it’s the latter card that’s most interesting – MS, SD, Mini SD, Micro SD. Unlike other card readers which say they are Micro SD compatible, but they expect you to use a converter in the SD card slot, this has a slot for Micro SD cards.

The reader is really quite compact measuring just 7.5cm long, 2.5cm wide and 1.6cm deep. The top is see through plastic of different colours (mine is blue) and the rest of the device is sold white plastic. There is a long loop at one end, meaning that you can add this to a keyring if you wish. A 2cm captive USB cable tucks underneath.

Plug your memory card in and you’ll find the speeds are comparable with pretty much any other card reader (including those built into laptops).

Signalex has recently repackaged the product and it can be found on the Poundland website. It appears to be the same but they are promoting the fact that it is USB 2. I believe the current one is already USB 2 as the speeds it was reporting were higher than USB 1 would be able to produce.

[review]Brilliant – compact, cheap and has it’s own very useful micro USB port. An essential for any PC user’s toolbag![/review]

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    1. I sometimes get this with USB devices. Without knowing details (OS, for instance) I can’t really advise. And to be honest, I don’t really have an answer – I’d suggesting doing a Google search for the error along with your OS and seeing what comes up. If you have another PC/Laptop that you can try it on, try it to rule out the actual reader itself.


  1. The Signalex USB card reader, part number 5 025066 164126 does not work for me. OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Messages such as “Drivers not found” and “Replace Device” pop up. I have tried it with two 2GB memory cards and the results (non results) are identical.

    OK it was only a pound but a pound for something that does not work is quite expensive.

    1. Definitely odd. I tested it on the same OS. Either they’ve changed the product or you’ve got a dud. As a pain as it is, next time you can I’d return it for a refund or replacement.

  2. I have had two of these. Both corrupted the photos on the SD drive causing loss of all. I use Windows 7 on several machins, 64 and 32 bit. Typical Poundland ‘bargain’. So cheap you don’t bother trying to get your money back. How many millions have Poundland ripped off with rubbish stuff. Have you tried getting your money back in Poundland. They look at you like you are crazy.

    1. I’ll admit to never having tried – as you say, for a pound why bother? In my case the shop is too far away to justify a special trip. With regard to the product I’ve bought a number of these – I’m forever being badgered by friends and relatives to “borrow” a card reader so I just give them one of these instead. They’ve always worked for me and I’ve not heard of anyone having problems.

  3. Do not touch this thing! Saw the warnings but thought what the hell, it’s only a quid. It’s a bloody nightmare when you get that sinking feeling as you realise you’ve just lost all the data on your card. I cannot say it enough times “This Thing is DANGEROUS to use!

    1. I’m still using mine 3 years later without an issue. In fact I keep a stock of them in my desk drawer and give them to anybody who asks me if I have a card reader “to borrow”. Never had an issue.

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