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Signalex Ultra Bright USB 5 LED Light

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This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge - can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop?

I’m not sure what to make of this one. It works well and seems excellent value, but I’m not sure what do use it for.

This is the Signalex USB LED light. It costs £1 from Poundland. It plugs into a USB port and has a flexible arm (and of good quality too), about 20cm long, on which is a cylindrical tube, just over 16cm long, containing 5 bright white LEDs. Plug it in and it lights up.

But light up what?

Yes, the keyboard is very mucky!

The cylinder appears to be stuffed with a curl of silver card so the LEDs bleed through to the back, meaning that if the lights are turned away from you, you can still see them. Besides, any laptop screen will reflect the light back. The arm isn’t long enough to have the lights reflecting down on the keyboard without it getting in the way of viewing the screen.

So what do you use it for?

I’ve found one use – my keyboard at work has a USB port in the back and plugged in there I can get it to illuminate my keyboard. However, light at work isn’t a problem so I’m unlikely to use it. But, I guess, it’s a start.

[review]It works. Very well. The lights are bright and the whole thing is of a reasonable quality – certainly worth £1. But what do you use it for? If you can think of something, then it’s worth the money.[/review]
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  1. I got one of these for Xmas. As you say it works well, construction is good. However the design fault is that the stem is not long enough….another 10cms would mean it could light a laptop keyboard from above without getting in the way of the screen, assuming you have some USB ports at the back. Strange that they hadnt thought of it but i guess thats why it’s £1.
    However it works reasonably well with a netbook which has a smaller screen. My Dell unfortunately has no USB’s at the back but it can illuminate the keyboard without being too intrusive……so if you know someone with a netbook, this could work for them.

  2. Connect it to a powerbar and use it as emergency light.

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