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800dpi Precision Optical Mouse

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This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge - can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop?

Pound products have been a bit of a mixed bag – some have been excellent but equally some have been appalling and others have been, well, meh. Walking into PoundWorld today I say an optical mouse – for 1 pound. Surely not?

Well, it’s an average size, probably more suitable for a laptop than your desktop. The top and bottom are black plastic, wheras the sides are transparent. It has a USB connection, transparent scroll wheel and it glows red when in use (making use of the red LED light used as the optical sensor). In fact, digging out a Saitek mouse I bought some time ago I realised that they must have both come out of the same mould – the design of the mouse is near identical (I can only find one minor difference between them, right down to the dimensions). Sadly what was poured into that mould wasn’t the same – whereas the Saitek has a nice rubberised coating over the top and sides, the PoundWorld equivalent doesn’t. In fact the plastic that it’s made of feels cheap. The Saitek has a rubber click wheel which glows white, whereas the pound version is again just made of a cheap plastic which glows red, but only when moving the mouse.  The internals look different too.

Packaging wise it’s held in a bag within a small box (not sure the reason for bag to be honest).

But, is it any good? In use, there was no difference between the cheap mouse and the Saitek equivalent. Or, indeed any other mouse. It was precise and felt good under the hand. The button are more audible than most, though, so don’t buy this to use in a library!

[review]Yes, it’s got a few bad points – no rubberised coating, a poor click wheel, loud buttons, cheap constructions – but, more importantly, it works well and is an absolute bargain. If you need something to throw into a laptop bag and use occasionally, there is no reason to pay any more.[/review]
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  1. Just got one of these optical mouse’s today at pound land to use with an old laptop I had kicking around. Brilliant little no nonsense product. Works well lets hope it lasts.

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