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ReTrak, popular in the US, are now selling their range of products in the UK at retailers such as PC World, Dixons and Amazon.

You may have come across retractable cables before – often found on portable mice for laptops, they wind excess cable into real which is suspended half way along the cable length. What ReTrak have done is improved upon this, added other new technologies and then created a huge range of products. Basically, what you get are a range of electrical accessories that take up as little space as possible.

Their range includes computer, visual and audio cables along with power supplies, headphones, iPhone and eBook products, mice and even a retractable mouse mat with built-in USB hub!

The latest ReTrak product that I’ve been looking at is their headphone splitter cable. This is a male audio plug which then separates into 2 female audio connectors. Essentially this allows 2 people to share one audio output.

As with the other products in the range the cable coils away onto a retractable reel – and, again, the quality is excellent with a smooth action both ways.

The cable is 1m in length and all the connectors are gold plated. It comes with a 3 year warranty, which is excellent if you’re worried about the retractable mechanism.

For testing I passed this to my 13 year old daughter – just the kind of person likely to want to share music through separate headphones. In fact, she’d bought a headphone splitter in the past.

She found the output extremely good (in fact she thought it sounded better than connecting directly into her iPod – not sure how that would work though!) and was impressed that each output was stereo – the splitter cable she bough before simply split each channel into a different headphone, meaning that each listener had monaural output. Her only negative was that she found that the 2 cables would sometimes get a little tangled when retracting.

The ReTrak Headphone Splitter Cable can be found at Amazon for £14.99.

[review]An excellent quality headphone splitter with the added bonus of the compactness that the retractable mechanism gives. Because the cable splits into 2 it can get a little tangled at times but the length warranty ensures you don’t need to worry.[/review]


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