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As well as the Vita itself, I also ordered the official Sony “starter kit” for the console. This is, really, a bunch of basic accessories that you’d have hoped might have come with it. It includes a screen protector, cleaning cloth, adjustable wrist strap, 8 game cartridge case, pouch and console case. What I really purchased it for were the last 2 items.

The case is a strong wrap-around hard case that the Vita connects into (through the holes in the bottom corners of the device). The top of the case can be turned back and there’s a little section which sticks up allowing you to prop the Vita onto it for hands-free video watching. The pouch is a soft every-day protector, with a little section to allow for a headphone cable to come out of.

The rest are what you’d expect. The game holder is just a cheap plastic case that the game cartridges snap into – there’s also room for what I assume is 2 memory cards. The cloth is just that but with a logo on it, much as with the wrist strap. The screen protector went on easily and one of the sections that you peel over and discard extends over the right hand side controls, allowing you to align it up really well before removing the backing – an excellent idea.

Images of the 3 larger items can be seen in the gallery below, along with the Vita propped up using the case.

Why Sony couldn’t have included, at the very least, the screen protector, cleaning cloth and wrist strap with the Vita I don’t know – these probably don’t even cost a pound to produce. What you’re left with, therefore, is the majority of the kit cost being down to the case and pouch.

Having said all of that, these are all useful items to have. I got mine from for £18.

[review]Everything is good quality – as you’d expect from Sony. But, really? To stump up extra for a cheap wrist strap, cloth and screen protector?[/review]


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