Before I start I should really point out that I’m a rarity. I don’t mind Jar Jar Binks. Having said that my daughter doesn’t either – she finds the young “Annie” far more irritating.

So, having put that into context, I don’t mind The Phantom Menace. I do think it’s the weakest of the Star Wars films but not to the extent that I think many do. The story sags at times with little happening and some of the dialogue, hardly sparkling in any of the films, is particularly poor in this one – “are you brain dead?”

This 3D release was the first opportunity for my daughter to see Star Wars at the cinema and she loved the experience. The 3D added a bit to it, but not a huge amount. As it’s been added on it’s not as good as something filmed in 3D in the first place – indeed, a lot of the 3D seemed fuzzy and washed out at times. It also seemed to me that the 3D got better the more CGI the scene was – by the time we get to The New Hope I suspect the 3D will be pretty poor all round. What this meant was that scenes with actors in, therefore, were pretty flat – the spectacle of the 3 way fight with Darth Maul 3D could have been amazing but was one of the least convincing 3D scenes in the entire film.

Some of the best 3D was the opening scrawl – the stars had a real distance to them giving a real feeling that you were staring out into space. Equally the space battles (because of the aforementioned reason that they pretty much completely CGI) had a similar feeling of depth to it

However, it was telling that the best 3D of the night was in the trailer for The Hobbit.

The only modification to this film that I noticed was the replacement of the puppet Yoda with the CGI version.

It’s not the fault of the film but the prices for watching a 3D film are ridiculous – nearly £20 for an adult and child. And that’s before drinks and popcorn (a small of each cost a total of nearly £7). There’s an extra amount to pay for 3D films, even though they’re using the same equipment to project it. And you pay extra for the glasses. I wonder if those seeing The Artist get a reduction on the standard price because it lacks sound and colour? The complaint is that piracy is killing the cinema – I think it’s the outrageous prices. But that’s a moan for another time!

[review]It’s Star Wars! It’s at the cinema! Sadly it’s not the strongest of the franchise but, ignoring Jar Jar, it’s still worth seeing. The 3D makes it different but it’s not brilliant.[/review]

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