Quite some time ago I purchased an Ecocamel shower head. This actively saves money by reducing the water pressure by, instead, aerating the water – more on “the science” in a bit. Unfortunately, due to the poor design of my shower rail it didn’t fit and was returned. However, one house move later, a more “standard” shower rail and I’ve now got their latest product – the Ecocamel Jetstorm.

Available with a graphite or blue surround this, considering it’s a shower head, looks impressive. As with many shower heads these days it comes complete with wipe clean rubber nodules.

But, back to the science.  Ecocamel shower heads contain a built-in valve to inject air directly into the water stream. This allows it to reduce the pressure (and hence you use less water) whilst you have the same quality of shower that you’d normally do. To give you an idea of what saving this could give, a family of 4 with average water pressure can save over 50,000 litres of water per year, or £240 in annual utility bill savings.

The heads are really easy to install – just unscrew your old shower head and screw in your new Ecocamel head. The product comes in a simple box with instructions on a separate leaflet.

Do you notice a difference? Yes. You can tell the pressure is less but the aerated water seems to wet you as well as before – you don’t feel the need to stand under the shower any more than you would normally. You can shower and wash your hair as normal, and all whilst saving water.

Are there any downsides? Also, yes. It’s noisy – the shower head sucks in air through a hole at the base (near to where it screws into the shower hose) and mixes it with water. The result adds a low “swooshing” noise – simply place your finger over the hole to hear how it would do normally and you’ll notice a substantial difference. No, it’s not going to wake people up in the early morning but it’s something to bear in mid.

Secondly, if you have low pressure it may not be for you. They mention on the website that if you do have low pressure to let them know what yours is and they can adjust the head personally for you so it reduces the pressure less. Of course this requires you to know what your pressure is!

Alternatively, in the end of the shower head is a white plastic “widget” – it’s not easy to do but if you can hook this out then this will also assist. It still mixes the water with air but I’m not sure if this completely removes the pressure reduction and, hence, any benefits – I’ve asked Ecocamel this but, as yet, haven’t received a reply.

Ecocamel have a number of other shower heads available, including fixed head showers and they’re just as stylish as this one.

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They’re not particularly cheap (about £50) and they’re noisy but they’re stylish and could save you a reasonable amount of money if you’re on a water meter. Even if you’re not, they’re an environmentally sound investment, particularly apt when they’re already talking about water shortages this year.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  1. Having telephoned to buy the Jetstorm i was persueded to buy the Orbit i dont find the power of the water spray increased – which is what i was looking for , so i am hoping that the water saving will justify the purchase. Because the receiver for the shower head ( on my shower ) does not move vertically the angle of the shower head is to high, my shower is above a bath so i have to move the receiver lower down the rail in order not to shower the end of the bath . Peculiar to my shower model i know but worth mentioning.

  2. The orbit is the best one I have found- particularly for low pressure systems- gives excellent pressure and shower experience. It is actually worth the money.

  3. Does not do what they advertise no increase in shower pressure save your money fit a shower booster pump

    1. That seems rather unfair as they don’t advertise that it increases shower pressure – the whole MO of the Ecocamel showers is that they reduce water usage by aerating the water.

    1. No. It’s not designed to boost the power but replace some of with the aeration. It would be nice to simply add the aeration to a standard head to use the same amount of water but have it feel more powerful, but I’ve yet to come across that option.

  4. I bought two (different ones) of these in February at the Motor home show at the NEC. They worked superbly well for the first few months but now, the aerator holes just ‘P…’ Out water regardless of which shower I use them on or what the water pressure is. I have gone back to my old shower head. Not built with longevity in mind methinks.

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