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This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge – can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop?

Made by RJM Accessories, Poundland sell a one-size children’s glove that works with capacitive touch-screen devices. The gloves I bought were a nice blue with silvery grey finger ends on the thumb and index finger. And they work really well. I gave them to my 13 year old daughter – they’re a bit of a tight fit but they work wonderfully well on her iPod Touch.
They’re reasonably well made, not brilliantly thick so won’t keep your hands too warm but they do their job well.

The only issue here is the size. Intended for kids the “one size” is actually quite small – as I said above my 13 year old daughter struggled with them. So I can only assume that these are intended for the under 10’s with touch screen devices. At least they can be washed as normal, though, in the washing machine.

[review]Reasonably well made, these actually work well. You’ll need small hands, though![/review]

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