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The Creative EP-830 is a mid-range price set of in-ear headphones. I’ve previously reviewed their Aurvana In-Ear2 which is at the high end so this will provide a useful comparison.

Unfortunately, between both reviews I have been spoilt by, what I believe, are the best headphones I’ve owned – the free set that came with my Samsung Galaxy S2. They lack higher end detail but have plenty of base and are ideal for music listening.

The EP-830 comes in a plastic box along with a very nice soft draw-string pouch, 3 sets of silicon ear-tips and a small booklet.

The cable on the headphones are rubber coated, giving a nice grippy feel. Unfortunately, the cables are flat, rather than round, meaning they are more easily tangled. The jack on the end is gold plated.

The earpieces themselves look very nice – certainly more professional that my Samsung’s, with a combination of black matte plastic and dulled chromed sections. The “down” section of them is long than I’d ideally like and offset the centre of gravity somewhat. They tips fit snuggling in the ear – in fact better than any other headphones I’ve tried. These are noise reduction headphones and sit somewhere between my Samsung headphones and the Aurvana’s – a lot of noise is blocked with just the occasional leakage. There is certainly little leakage of sound outwards, though, so they won’t bother fellow passengers on public transport!

In use, however, they are a little disappointing. I played my current fav album – the soundtrack to Tron Legacy (yes, yes, I am a geek). The high end is good and I could pick out extra detail quite easily. Not as brilliant as the Aurvana’s, but better than the Samsung’s.

Where is was let down, though, is the bass. Or lack of it. They, at least, have this in common with the Aurvana, but to a greater degree. The opening overture of Tron Legacy has an amazing last third but with the EP-830 it sounded lifeless and flat. Reviews on Amazon would suggest that everybody is experiencing the lack of bass but different people have their own thoughts on this – many quite happy with this with the improvement in detail. As with all things audio, it’s an individual preference.

The EP-830 has an RRP of £39.99 but can be bought from Amazon at the moment for just £11.47.

[review]A very good pair of headphones let down by a few minor details but, in particular, the lack of bass. In quieter sections, the EP-830 sounds excellent but as soon as the volume cranks up they give in. A shame.[/review]

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