Those people who pre-ordered their PlayStation Vita from certain retailers would have recieved a special Pre-order Pack as well, as a “thank you” from Sony. They can also be found selling separately on eBay, for instance, so you can still get hold of them if you wish. Because I ordered by Vita from Amazon I got an 8GB memory card instead, which would normally retail at £30. I got hold of the Pre-order Pack via eBay and paid around £15.

The pack is a small box, in which there is… another box (good to know Sony are showing their green credentials here ;)). The top of this box opens to reveal, neatly presented and on display, a pair of “Vita blue” headphones. These are the in-ear variety and comes with 3 different sizes of tips.

Taking the headphones out there doesn’t appear to be much room for anything else. Indeed, all the other goodies that are promised are unlocked via a code printed on a slip of paper. These provide you with…

  1. £5 discount in the PlayStation Store on any of 4 games – Little Deviants (okay), Hustle Kings (good), Escape Plan (very good) and Super Stardust Delta (excellent)
  2. A free copy of the PS Vita game Frobisher Says. Essentially, it’s the Vita equivalent of WarioWare, where you’re presented with a series of mini-games that you have to perform as quickly as possible. This is a good demonstrator, I have to say, of the Vita’s various control methods and is quite an addictive game.
  3. Some PS Vita items for PlayStation Home on the PS3. I’ve not really used PlayStation Home myself, it hasn’t really appealed but I believe these are simply virtual items that your avatar can use.
  4. A PS Vita avatar – download it and use it as your account avatar!

Of course, the main item are the headphones and these aren’t too bad. The wires from the 2 ear pieces meet up a little too soon for my liking and the only way to extend this is to tear the cable apart – I much prefer the moveable toggle approach that other headphones use. They fit well, not as snuggly as others and the sound, again, is okay. And I guess that’s the overall conclusion of them – they’re okay and nothing special. Of course, if you needed a set to keep with your Vita then a matching set is always nice!

[review]As a freebie, you can’t complain, and the headphones are an okay, if not spectacular, matching accessory. If you’re going to pay for it, though, don’t spend too much. One last thing – you can only redeem the items until the end of August 2012. If it’s after then, you’ve only got a pair of headphones![/review]


PlayStation Vita Pre-Order Goodies

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