Signalex 4 Port USB Hub

This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge – can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop?

Not to be confused with the identically named product, this has a more square design with each of the 4 USB ports on their own separate side. The top is domed and the plastic hub measures approx. 6x6x2cm.  The version I have is made of see-through green plastic, but other colours are available. It has a 38cm (approx) captive cable on it.

Non-surprisingly it’s USB 1 (although it doesn’t explicitiy state this on the packaging). Plug the USB cable in and a green LED lights from inside.

One of the corner has a hole in it and there’s no screw in the bottom at this edge as there are on the others. I’ve seen an image of an identical product online that shows something plugged into this corner – I wonder if this is a power option.

The product is made by Signalex and sold at Poundland.

[review]It works. It’s USB 1. As with my other USB 1 hub reviews if you don’t need the speed (e.g. plugging in a keyboard) then this is quite suitable. Otherwise, avoid.[/review]

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