7 Niche Sites That Save You Money When It Matters

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Commodity prices are constantly on the rise. And right before your very eyes, inflation eats up the purchasing power of the dollar. In almost every part of the world, employment rates aren’t stabilizing but declining. Here, there and everywhere, people try to save as much as they can. The way things are going, there’s no telling when the economy is going to take a turn for the positive.

That is why money-saving sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and a whole bunch of others are gaining prominence. Individuals and businesses alike flock to these sites for deals that will potentially help them make the most of every dollar they’ve got. But are you aware that collective-buying sites are not the only sites that can save you money? Check these seven sites out:


For a business with a growing base of customers, sales people, contacts and leads, a reliable CRM system is a gem. Hand in hand with a corporate intranet that ensures constant communication and engagement among employees, that fosters camaraderie among team members, that promotes efficiency and timeliness of reporting, the duo are dynamite. Unfortunately, not all businesses, especially the smaller ones, can afford a CRM system and an intranet.

Bitrix24 is a free CRM system + intranet combo for companies with 12 employees or less. Yes, you read right. Bitrix24 is free for small businesses with a maximum of 12 employees. Aside from a Facebook-like social intranet function, Bitrix24 features real-time streaming, sales funnel, calendar, activity planner and more. For businesses with more than 12 employees, subscription is at $99 per month.


While it’s true that the logo is not the business, the logo, in more ways than one, represents the business. And more often than not, the logo is what customers visually remember a company by. Having a logo designed specifically for the image you wish to project means cash, sometimes, hundreds if you’re intent on hiring a professional logo designer. Even with online crowdsourcing sites that boast of the lowest possible logo rates, you’ll end up shelling out at least $100.

With Logaster, regardless of your designing capability, you can design your own logo for free. And with a nominal subscription fee of just about $5 per month, you get extended services like business cards, envelopes, letterheads, etc.


Some people may argue that a name is just a name. But if it’s a startup we’re talking about, a name isn’t just a name. The name you choose for your business or website has marketing, branding and online implications. Careful consideration, therefore, is a must.

PickyDomains is a naming/branding service with a 55,000+ contributor base. To avail of the service and start receiving suggestions for parameters you specify, all you need to do is sign up, pay the $50 fee for a name or domain (a slogan costs $75) and wait. If none of the suggestions match your criteria, you pay nothing.


Low-cost air fare and online ticketing are perhaps the most ingenious innovations in the air travel industry over the last decade or so. CheapFlights, Orbitz and Expedia are three of the go-to sites for cheap air fare. JetRadar, however, doesn’t stop at cheap. The company, first tested in Russia, aims to provide cheaper air tickets to its customers. JetRadar functions as a meta search engine that combs through listings of 728 individual airlines, travel agencies and major flight sites to get the best possible deals.

What a lot of people don’t know is that airline companies keep the best deals to themselves through their corporate websites, prompting consumers to constantly check their sites for such deals. JetRadar’s radar will be working high and low to guarantee every possible deal available is publicly known.


James Bond is perhaps the most famous spy out there. Unfortunately, James Bond is just a character from Ian Fleming’s imagination. But even if James Bond were flesh-and-bone, he might not agree to corporate spying – too flimsy for a hotshot like him, especially if it doesn’t involve cliff hangers or pretty women.

But seriously, in the business world, competition is here to stay. This essentially is what prompts companies to constantly innovate and stay at the top of their game. But “spying” on competition can cost a lot of time and marketing dollars. Good thing there’s iSpionage, a website that manages competitor campaigns and advertisements, monitors affiliates, bridges search engine gaps, etc.

And instead of having to go through numerous search data via a number of “spying” tools, with iSpionage, the moment a competitor move is detected, an alert promptly finds its way into your e-mail inbox. Monthly subscription to the service starts at $59 per month.


For anyone on a budget, coupons are a sweetheart. RetailMeNot is an online coupon service for bargain hunters. Users log in to the site using their Facebook, Twitter or e-mail account to share, rate and track savings. RetailMeNot provides a number of excellent deals for both local and online shopping. Plus, it is one of a handful of sites that offer printable coupons for restaurants within your vicinity.


If you’re a freelance web developer, programmer, designer, carpenter, administrator, electrician or artist working full-time, SideJobTrack is the tool for you. With SideJobTrack, you get to track the jobs you do and perform invoicing functions at the end of every job or whenever it’s necessary. You even have the option to customize your invoice templates and estimates.

SideJobTrack’s reporting function is perhaps its best feature. With just one click, you get a breakdown of the money you have so far received. You can also view client transaction records, including the number of projects attached to a client, the number of hours worked, the amount you’re owed, etc. And to sweeten the deal even more, SideJobTrack is absolutely free.

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