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This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge – can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop?

Before I start, I should add that although it’s called an iPhone/iPad Docking Station there is a sticker on the product which states that it doesn’t work with iPads. However, I have tried this with an iPod Touch and it works fine.

This is a glossy white plastic dock. On the top of an iPhone docking connection and the plastic raises up behind this to support the device. Underneath is a white, non-slip pad.  The product looks remarkable similar to Apple’s own, but this doesn’t have the support. And the Apple version is £26.

On the rear is a connector for plugging in your phone’s cable and a headphone socket next to it for audio. However, this doesn’t work unless power is being supplied via the iPhone cable. With the iPhone cable connected you can both charge your device and sync it with your computer.

The device doesn’t look too bad – it’s not brilliantly put together with some rough edges and the non-slip pad being placed crookedly, but overall I don’t really have complaints.

It’s available from Poundland.

[review]It works well and looks good. The connection are a bit stiff, but that might change over time, and it’s not brilliantly glued together. However, it is just one pound and you’ll need £25 more to buy the Apple version.[/review]

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  1. What you get for a pound is a very poor imitation of apple’s dock. The Two I bought from Poundland broke on the first day. the 30 pin connector is surface soldered onto the circuit board. There is NO reinforcement to help support the Ipod. The connector has a very tight fit and when too much force is applied, the track broke away. The original may be more expensive, but the so is the iPod/Pone.
    You spent a lot of money on you’r beloved gadget, so equip it with good accesories !
    Remember, what you pay is what you get !

    1. Normally I’d agree but I’m not sure if a simply dock is worth an eighth of the product being docked into it.

      But, yes, at the other end of the scale, at just one pound, you’re not going to get something of superb quality. I’ve got 2 now and have had no problems myself. Although the connector may not be supported, unlike the Apple equivalent, there is a rest on which the iPod lays against, offering support for that instead.

      Yes, the Apple version is of much better quality but a lot of people may not be able to justify the expense of that one – the pound one, to me, is good value for what it is. But don’t expect too much for the money.


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