It’s good to know that in these times of cost cutting that there are still companies that like to produce the finer, quality items.

Convar, the company behind the BytePac, have launched ByteStage , a hand built sold steel media system built into a leather-clad wooden “stand”. I use the latter word in quotes as “stand” hardly does it justice.

With a choice of woods, disk capacity, memory and optical drive,  with a passive cooling system that means it’s virtually silent,  all screwed together in Germany you know this is going to be something of quality. The price of €2999 – 3594 kind of confirms this.

It’s operated by a 7″ tablet or remote control  and all of this is run via an Atom processor and, as you’d expect, the back of the ByteStage is bristling with media ports. Using open source software, it has eSata and wireless Internet connection, 4 USB ports, a HDMI port and a wireless keyboard.

How good it is in use and, more importantly, whether it’s worth the money is yet to be seen.

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