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EaseUS Todo Backup is a commercial home backup and imaging solution. There are plenty of similar free products available but for my money none are as complete and well thought out as the EaseUS solution.

The initial installation is not particularly quick but there’s not many actions to perform before it completes. By this time you’ve already specified where you want to save your backups (although you can change this later – including specific solutions for NAS devices, which is good to see) and can set up your first backup quickly.

You can create full, incremental or differential backups and schedule them to run when you want.

So far, so normal.

Backups can be compressed, encrypted and password protected. You can set priorities, have backups split into “chunks” when they reach a particular size, be emailed when a backups works and/or fails. You can limit network speed and even send a copy “offsite” via FTP.

From the main menu you can view logs of what the software has been doing as well as manage any backups you have. There are a vast array of additional options, though…

  • Create a system backup – this will back up your operating system, for easy restoration. This comes with an additional restoration option where you can restore to dissimilar hardware – during this it will detect hardware differences between the backup and restoration processes and allow you to install any new drivers required.
  • Disk and Partition Clone – from these you can create an exact copy of an entire drive or a specific partition.
  • Create Bootable Disk – this creates bootable media which can be used if your system fails to boot. Using WinPE it presents a simplified Windows environment.
  • Enable PreOS – like the Bootable disk, this uses WinPE to provide a protected environment under which you can perform maintenance and access your backups. However, rather than being created on a removable disk, this will install on your hard drive as an additional boot option.
  • Wipe Data – securely wipe data from a drive or partition. You can choose the number of secure wipes that are performed.
  • Mount and Convert Image – there 2 options allow you to mount (view) a disk image and convert them to virtual drives.

Help and a full user guide are always a click away and are well written and detailed.

EaseUS ToDo Backup Workstation is available for download for $39. This provides you with a single licence with free email support.


[review]The emergency WinPE environment alone makes this product worthwhile having but the vast array of additional options, excellent documentation and general ease of use, certainly fulfils requirements. I’d have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone who’s serious about backing up their system.[/review]

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