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Zeably – an image gallery for… who?

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A new image search website has been launched, named Zeably.

The difference between this and the many other image search sites is that it produces only the top image results 1, without duplicates and does all this in a way that won’t harm the eyes of small children. That’s right, safe searching is built right in by default.


The search results are presented quickly and in a nice thumbnail style. Click on any image to be instantly shown the full size original.

I have just 3 small reservations.

  1. Stating that a search engine is family friendly  is asking for trouble. Or, to you use their own words, it “allows children to surf in safety as all offensive material is filtered out by our advanced filtering systems”. With a claim like that they’d better be 100% correct.  Unfortunately, a search for “topless” and a few other specific terms showed this wasn’t the case. But, of course, this was always going to be the case – there is no infallible way of achieving this – someone just hasn’t told Zeably this.
  2. At the bottom of each page is a text description, if it can find it, of your search word(s). It’s not obvious it’s there and it may have been added for SEO purposes. However, it seems to lift this straight from Wikipedia with any kind of link or general attribution.
  3. Who is going to use this and for what? It doesn’t give any picture information, it doesn’t search for royalty free images and doesn’t even given you the option to visit the website it originates from. To me this site, initially, looked to me as if it was for lifting images for your own use – copyrighted or otherwise. But it doesn’t provide a way of knowing beforehand (or narrowing down) what sizes images are, so how would useful would it be for that anyway? Having said all that if one of my images appeared on there with no back links to source and nothing on the site to indicate that this may be copyrighted material then I’d be annoyed.


So, no useful information, no way of narrowing down results, ripping off content with attribution and it’s child friendly talents are pretty clueless. I’d stick with Google Image Search.

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The Ups

  • Get just the top results
  • No duplicate results
  • Looks nice

The Downs

  • Family friendly feature is poor
  • Content from Wikipedia, without attribution
  • Limited results
  1. amusingly, searching for Zeably produces no results[]
  2. amusingly, searching for Zeably produces no results[]
  3. amusingly, searching for Zeably produces no results[]

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  1. David, thanks for that summary. It certainly seems to fulfil a need that nobody has and open a can of worms at the same time.

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