Joystick Junkies 3DS Stylus Pack

This review is part of the 1 Pound Challenge – can you find a decent gadget in a pound shop?

Every-so-often you’ll find full-price products available in a Pound Shop, probably un-sold stock, the result of which is a better than average quality item. This is the situation here – the Joystick Junkies 3DS Stylus Pack has been on sale for a lot more than the £1 than it is now at Poundland.

Joystick Junkies is a fashion retailer, specialising in gaming gear, but they produce occasional branded accessories as well. The 3DS stylus pack is normally to be found in a plastic “blister” pack but here it is in a pleasant, silver embossed cardboard box.

Inside there are a total of 5 stylus’ provided. The most striking is a black oval, attached to a short Velcro strap. This goes around the finger and a point on the oval is used on the touchscreen. It works quite well.

The remaining 4 stylus’ are of the usual 3DS style, each being retractable – 2 are black plastic, 1 is light blue and the last is a metal version with black plastic stop and bottom. They are a little stiff to retract at first, but I suspect this will relax in time.

[review]5 good quality 3DS stylus’ for £1, including a rather novel finger stylus. If you own a 3DS it’s always worth having spares, and you’re unlikely to get better for this price.[/review]

Posted by David Artiss

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