OS X Mountain Lion and the, literally, missing manual

After buying my Mac I thought a book to help me out would be a good idea – I’ve not used the OS before and guessed I might struggle at first. I wanted it up-to-date so I needed one that covered Mountain Lion. After reading reviews I settled on “OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual” by David Pogue. I ordered it from Amazon on 29th August with a delivery time of 3-5 days.

It wasn’t until the 5th September, when it still hadn’t turned up, that I noticed that it had a delivery estimate of 15th – 22nd September. Nothing on the product page indicated why this was and, today, it tells me I can get next day delivery if I wish.

So, I immediately set about finding an alternative supply – in this case The Book Depository who sold the same book for about the same price and had a 24 hour delivery. Great. I ordered it on the 5th. I hadn’t heard anything yesterday about it being despatched (the 6th) so I looked it up – the product page showed the book wasn’t available until the 30th September. I’d missed this before and there was no such dated listed on Amazon.

So, I sent a cancellation request and looked for an alternative book – I found “OS X Mountain Lion For Dummies” by Bob LeVitus at WHSmith – I went for the free delivery to stores, hoping I’d get a quick delivery (I’ve now had my Mac for a couple of days and getting desperate for help!). Upon checking out, it was confirmed that I’d chosen delivery to home and was charged for delivery. What? I hadn’t. So I cancelled.

Next day I visited a local WHSmith but they had nothing for Mountain Lion – just older OS X books. I found the Dummies book on Amazon and I paid extra for 24 hour delivery. Soon after I had an email from The Book Depository to say they couldn’t cancel my order as the book had been despatched. That’s right – the book that isn’t available until the end of September. I was suspicious so I spoke to them via Twitter – they’d had some copies sent early so had despatched them. Sure enough my copy turned up today.

I know the book is called “The Missing Manual”, but this is ridiculous!

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