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The Pure Contour 100Di is an iPod / iPhone / iPad dock with alarm clock and FM and DAB radio.

It’s a dome shape, with the majority of the front being a clothed speaker grill. The speakers consist of 2 x 10W (RMS) full-range 3″ units, along with a rear bass port.

At the bottom is the LED screen – it’s auto-dimming with an easy-to-read, large display. The dock is just above the screen and when not in use it can be rotated back into the device, which is a nice touch. The fact that it takes an iPad is very impressive – any device rests back on a rubber “gromit” which sticks out from the speaker above the dock. As well as playing music through the dock, it also charges the device whilst it’s in place.

Around the back is the power connector along with a 3.5mm headphone socket, USB port for firmware updates and an aux socket for connecting other audio devices. There is also a telescopic aerial for radio reception – believe it or not I’ve seen other docks with DAB radios that try and make do with a “wire” aerial. Two large, rubber feet on the bottom keep it from slipping.

Across the top are a number of buttons, including power, volume (including mute), source, etc.

The whole thing is about 30cm wide 17cm high and 15cm deep.

A low quality “credit card” style remote is included and this can, ingeneously, be stored on the back where a magnet holds it in place (this isn’t covered in the instructions and it was only seeing this on the Pure website that I realised that it could be done). Most controls, including navigating the menu, are only available with this.

Packaging wise, this comes with the main unit, power cable and a basic instruction leaflet. It’s also encased in a large amount of cardboard – often smaller boxes inside large boxes. Environmentally friendly it is not.

But back to the product itself. It’s impressively easy to use and it sounds brilliant for a device of this size. I’ve seen reviews mark it down for sound quality (equally I’ve seen the opposite) because it isn’t good enough for parties, but you have to wonder who’d want to use a compact alarm-clock dock for a party? For a bedroom (and in this case a large, teenagers bedroom) it’s excellent – there’s excellent bass and it still sounds good at a high volume. Pure make some excellent DAB radios and the quality of this is no exception.

The actual alarm function is well thought out, with dual alarms which can play FM, DAB or iPod.

Build quality is not fantastic – all the silver is plastic, but it’s all put together well.

To top things off a free app [] is available named Pure Connect (previously called Pure Lounge). This streams internet radio and also allows you to listen to Pure’s subscription music service – both of these services are available elsewhere, so I can’t see a particular reason for sticking with this particular app although it’s certainly worth a try.

The version I bought was on firmware 1.3 but 1.5 is available from the Pure website, so it’s worth checking and updating after purchase. You’ll need a mini-USB cable to do the update (rather than the micro USB cable that you probably have for your phone) and, according to their website, Mac OS X and 64-bit versions of Windows are not supported – which is probably the vast majority of people. If you’re still running Windows XP or are one of the 3 people who have the 32-bit version of Windows 7 then you should be okay.

The Pure Contour 100Di is about £100, which might seem a lot but is the lower end of the more premium iPod docks. Having said that, I do believe that iPod docks are generally over-priced.

[review]Great features and a really good sound. Some nice little touches too, but let down by poor material quality in place and the price (although it has that in common with most iPod docks).[/review]

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